How To Eat Your Thanksgiving Leftovers: Three Good-Ass Techniques

The morning following Thanksgiving is a bleary, cotton-mouthed, dead-eyed time—a time for questions, a time of Reckoning. "Oh, Jesus, how much did I drink yesterday?" and, "Am I going to die?" and, "Why do I keep doing this to myself?" and, "Am I in Fort Worth? How did I come to be in Fort Worth?" These are all very… » 11/28/14 12:30pm Today 12:30pm

How To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner: A Strategy Guide

How does one eat a Thanksgiving meal? On its face this might seem like a ridiculous question, and also everywhere else too. I mean, who doesn't know how to eat? (Excepting the British, of course.) Thanksgiving is marked, more than anything else, by its abundance of tasty foodstuffs; practically speaking, it is a… » 11/27/14 12:30pm Yesterday 12:30pm

The Foodspin Thanksgiving Reader

Hey, whoa, Thanksgiving is here! And although you likely will spend it huddled over a vending-machine candy bar in a snowed-in airport terminal surrounded by wild-eyed and feral-looking strangers, that shouldn't stop you from fantasizing about the delicious non-candy foods you'd be eating if our nation's Eastern… » 11/26/14 1:43pm Wednesday 1:43pm

Got Thanksgiving Cooking Questions? Come Chat With Some Food People

We're very happy to be joined today by Kenzi Wilbur, managing editor of Food52, Cara Parks, executive editor of Modern Farmer, plus our own Jolie Kerr, Will Gordon, and, uh, me. We're all hanging out down below in the discussion, awaiting your Thanksgiving food and drink questions. Let's have 'em. » 11/24/14 2:00pm Monday 2:00pm

Sorry to wade in, here, but I have to point out that, whatever problems you may (rightly) have with the Cory Gardner piece, that was not "attempting to influence the outcome of an election." You don't know what the hell you're talking about. » 11/24/14 10:16am Monday 10:16am

How To Make Potatoes Au Gratin, A Step Beyond Good Ol' Mashed Taters

Hey, look, mashed potatoes are wonderful. They're smooth and hearty and comforting; they land in your stomach with a satisfying, almost audible whump; they are the food equivalent of dropping your entire body onto a soft, overstuffed sofa. Kids love them, grownups love them, everybody loves them. Mashed potatoes are… » 11/22/14 11:50am 11/22/14 11:50am

Dion Waiters Goes For Dunk, Gets Destroyed, Is Terrible

Millennial Dion Waiters stinks and is bad; tonight against the Wizards, he tried to dunk on Kevin Seraphin and got stoned—with both hands!—directly to hell. My favorite part is Jon Barry and Mike Breen both initially assuming it must have been a foul, before watching the replay and realizing, yep, Dion Waiters just… » 11/21/14 10:19pm 11/21/14 10:19pm

I'd just gotten home from something or other, and I turned the game on immediately after the Ron Artest foul on Ben Wallace, so the first thing I saw was Wallace shoving Artest. Ron Artest was my favorite NBA player at the time, so I was all, "Hey, dammit!" » 11/19/14 10:11am 11/19/14 10:11am

For as great as this Arnovitz article is, I still feel like he didn't make enough of the fact that, in terms of players, this Nuggets team has had remarkably little turnover from the one that was downright terrifying in George Karl's last season. Remember? When Ty Lawson was carving up defenses about as well as any… » 11/17/14 8:28pm 11/17/14 8:28pm

Times Of Day To Have Some Damn Peace And Quiet Around Here, Ranked

When you are a Sad Dad, one of the things you spend the most time pining for—after, like, an actual grown-up date with your spouse, a window of more than five minutes in which to take a shower, and relief from the constant background awareness of your own bottomless inadequacy—is some damn peace and quiet. "Can we… » 11/17/14 3:58pm 11/17/14 3:58pm

I was 13 when this movie came out. My brother and I flew down to Florida after Christmas to visit our grandparents, and while we were there we persuaded them to take us to see Dumb and Dumber. We sat in the front, they sat in the far back, and they were soooo fucking pissed off after the movie. Apparently my… » 11/15/14 12:23am 11/15/14 12:23am