John Calipari's Deal Is Bad, Even For Players Whose Knees Survive It

Last week, I wrote about the ways that both pro- and anti-NCAA camps tend to miss the mark when talking about University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari. He deserves less criticism for breaking NCAA rules and more for profiting from them, because even his “Players First” arrangement forces players to take… » 3/31/15 10:57am Yesterday 10:57am

How To Roast A Chicken, And Become A Grownup At Last

We Need To Talk About How We Talk About John Calipari

Is Aaron Hernandez Good At Murder? A Deadspin Debate

Don't Coat Your Innards With Space Oil To Conserve Ketchup

You know how there's always a little bit of ketchup that you never quite get out of the bottle? It coats the inside; even if you do the thing where you stand the bottle on its head for 24 hours to let it all ooze down close to the nozzle, some of it never comes out, and goes in the trash. » 3/23/15 4:37pm 3/23/15 4:37pm

Stop arguing with people. There are maybe 10 people on Twitter who are funny enough to get in an argument without looking like a child. You're probably not one of them. You're going to show your ass. If something really makes you mad, mute the person, or close Twitter and go do something else.

» 3/23/15 10:59am 3/23/15 10:59am

College Wrestling Champ's Post-Match Interview Will Warm Your Heart

Here's Iowa State wrestler Kyven Gadson, who'd just won the 197-pound NCAA championship via a signature move he calls "The Gadson." The post-match interview, above, is great. » 3/22/15 11:00am 3/22/15 11:00am

If You Like Not Being Scum, Root Against Coach K, Who Is Scum

Look. I hate Coach K. You hate Coach K. Everybody hates Coach K. Nobody needs a reason to root for somebody else—anybody else! Attila the Hun! Sauron! anybody!—to win the NCAA tournament. What I am saying is that you should actively root against Coach K. Root for his defeat. Root for his Virtue and Leadership School… » 3/19/15 12:03pm 3/19/15 12:03pm

Retiring From NFL To Juggle Grenades Is A Bad Idea, Says Mike Florio

Bright and promising 24-year-old 49ers linebacker Chris Borland announced his retirement yesterday, after just one season in the NFL. He wants to preserve his neurological and cognitive functioning, and figures a decade of smashing his head into things isn't the best way to do it. Seems reasonable! Might I… » 3/17/15 11:57am 3/17/15 11:57am

James Harden Thrown To Floor By Matt Barnes

James Harden got a step on Clippers D-and-3 guy (where "D" can be understood to stand for "dipshit goon with a sneer and six fouls to give") Matt Barnes in the second quarter; Barnes responded by unleashing his inner Wilber Marshall for some damn reason. For his efforts, he was awarded a flagrant-1 foul and some… » 3/15/15 4:35pm 3/15/15 4:35pm

Reports: Blake Griffin Will Return To Action Today

After missing more than a month due to surgery for a staph infection in his elbow, Blake Griffin will rejoin the Clippers this afternoon against the Rockets. Arash Markazi of ESPNLosAngeles reported a couple days ago that today might be the day; ESPN's J.A. Adande confirmed it a little while ago: » 3/15/15 3:32pm 3/15/15 3:32pm

Charles Oakley Says NBA Now Hard To Watch; Universe Dies Of Irony

Charles Oakley, a slick passer and midrange jump-shooting specialist who nevertheless is talked about (by himself and others) as though he were the NBA's Cosa Nostra liaison and carried a goddamn shiv in his sock, tells Canadian media* that he isn't super keen on today's NBA. "It's hard to watch," he says. "The guys… » 3/15/15 2:19pm 3/15/15 2:19pm