Boston Celtics Sign Evan Turner, Because Not Enough People Hated Them

After a season in which their bottomed-out squad of plucky nobodies occasionally showed admirable spunk under first-year coach Brad Stevens, the Boston Celtics evidently decided they'd had enough of this not-being-hated-by-literally-everyone crap, and went out and signed ball-pounding avatar of hopelessness Evan… » 7/21/14 6:35pm Yesterday 6:35pm

Hey, go read a terrific examination of the Lance Stephenson problem, from Jack Hamilton over at Slate: "The sheen has once again come off Lance Stephenson, but the fact is that the sheen is always coming off Lance Stephenson—this is the perpetual state of the young man everyone wanted until they didn't." [Slate] » 7/18/14 1:53pm Friday 1:53pm

You're going to scoff at this, but we do try to be somewhat service-y with Foodspin stuff. That is, we want the food stuff we publish to be of some actual value to people who are considering what to make/eat/buy/whatever. A review of the grilled chicken sandwich at Bob's Diner in Nowhere, Idaho (or even on some… » 7/17/14 4:14pm Thursday 4:14pm

Brett Favre Unqualified To Discuss Safety Of Football, Says Sportswriter

Only the parents of boys are welcome in the discussion of whether it's unsafe to let children play football. So says Mike Florio, a collectible commemorative helmet-phone in the employ of NBC Sports, who's mad at Brett Favre for expressing reservations about whether he'd encourage his non-existent son to play the game. » 7/16/14 4:25pm 7/16/14 4:25pm

Why LeBron Came Home

The sports media world churns with the effort to understand LeBron James's reasons for returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers after his four-year run with the Miami Heat. Why did he make this choice? Is he ready to be great on his own terms? Has he now, at 30, finally become a man? Does he care more about… » 7/14/14 1:00pm 7/14/14 1:00pm

How To Make Seafood Paella, Whether It's Traditional Or Not

Picture the scene! An early summer evening in Valencia, Spain, in the mid-19th century; an aromatic open fire of orange and pine branches, and pine cones, crackles happily in an orchard clearing. A wide, flat pan, enormous, two feet across, sits suspended over the flames. The men, their olde-thymey pants hitched… » 7/12/14 1:00pm 7/12/14 1:00pm

Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I've been doing a slightly cheaper, quicker, less work-intensive version of this lately for my family (I cook crushed chili flakes, a ton of anchovies, and minced garlic in some olive oil; then dump in a can of whole tomatoes and crush them with a wooden spoon; then cook this stuff… » 7/10/14 7:11pm 7/10/14 7:11pm

I think you've exaggerating Kyle's position on Wade just a tad, but with regards to Bosh: Bigs who can shoot from outside tend to age better than just about anybody else, in the NBA. So Bosh's prospects of still being worth a lot of money in the final year of whatever contract he signs are much better than Wade's. » 7/10/14 6:42pm 7/10/14 6:42pm

Nothing is worse than having to explain as well- and thoroughly-argued a piece as this to some dingus who's pretending not to get it, but: Brazil lost because they made soccer mistakes they wouldn't ordinarily make, because the guys they've trained for countless hours to depend upon weren't there to be depended upon,… » 7/09/14 7:12pm 7/09/14 7:12pm

Listen. In principle, I agree with you. I've posted stuff here on Deadspin that I worked very hard on and felt very proud of, and had commenters shit on it, and felt stung by it. What I didn't do was call them cunts and bags of shit and tell them to kill themselves. Because: A non-asshole adult (which I generally… » 7/08/14 5:49pm 7/08/14 5:49pm

This is where, if your reading comprehension abilities surpassed those of a goddamn hat-rack, you would have noticed that we didn't put any restaurant-signature dishes on this entire list, because it's not a list of things that specific restaurants make, but rather a list of signature foods associated with entire… » 7/08/14 9:15am 7/08/14 9:15am

How To Make Macaroni Salad, The Very Least You Can Do

"Hey guys, we're having a [variety of outdoor cookout-y shindig] on [date] at [place], and we'd love for you to come! We'll have beer and [variety of greasy meat], and [dude] has agreed to whip up a batch of his famous [really fatty and gross but also kind of delicious side, probably with little pieces of bacon in… » 7/05/14 2:40pm 7/05/14 2:40pm

Here Is Your Independence Day Menu

Hey, it's Fourth of July weekend! Why it seems like only yesterday Paul Revere rowed his boat across the Independence River and discovered America or whatever—but it's been 700 years! Crazy. Spare a moment today to doff your mirrored wraparound gun-range goggles in respect for ol' Paul. Paul and the other guys. » 7/04/14 1:30pm 7/04/14 1:30pm

The shadow at the bottom of his abdomen is telling lies, man. It looks like the shadow created by a spare tire, but if you look closely, it's a third-party shadow conspiring to make him look fat. Maybe he's gained a little offseason weight, but don't let the shadow fool you! » 7/03/14 11:33am 7/03/14 11:33am